SilverCoins is the ingame currency of Kamicat Football . You can earn SilverCoins by winning matches , Slot Machine , Sponsors , Club Shops , and selling Players . You can also exchange Kamicash for SIlverCoins .

Kamicash to SilverCoins exchange rateEdit

  • 2 Kamicash : 2,500 SilverCoins
  • 4 Kamicash : 10,000 SilverCoins
  • 25 Kamicash : 100,000 SilverCoins
  • 125 Kamicash : 1,000,000 SilverCoins


  • Try increasing your club popularity , a higher popularity will result in more spectators thus more income .
  • Try increasing your stadium's category , higher category means that you can charge more on ticket price .
  • You might experience low attendance at your match , try to climb up the pyramid to increases popularity and stir audience's interest .
  • Sign a sponsorship deal , you will get regular payment . The SilverCoins payment gets higher as you climb up the pyramid .

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