A penalty is given when you or the defending team perform a foul in the penalty area . A penalty can help you to win a match if that is the only goal scored .

Penalty takerEdit

When you're going to take a penalty kick , aim to either the left , the right or the middle . If you hold down the mouse button and then releasing it to shoot the ball , the ball will fly in to the net fast depending on the statistic of the player who takes the penalty . Try to put the shot indicator in the goal to help increasing the accuracy .


When the penalty taker comes up to take the shot . You can jump towards the side you want by clicking the direction you want the keeper to dive into . If the penalty taker is a bad player , he will make a mistake by shooting the ball over the goal.


Kamicat Football 2014 - Penalty Shots00:37

Kamicat Football 2014 - Penalty Shots

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